Kendra & Jordan

As missionaries we work as volunteers, meaning we do not receive income from YWAM… but do not fear! It’s actually a beautiful thing! As volunteer missionaries, we are supported by friends and family who believe in the work we are doing and who want to be a part of it themselves. By you providing the finances, and us providing the time and work, we are able to partner up in reaching Mexico. Your role is irreplaceable! How beautiful that God creates different parts of this equation… that we aren’t alone but instead get to reach Mexico with God’s truth together!

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Monthly partners, you are a huge part of us being able to function as full time missionaries. We do not receive a salary from YWAM, instead we build a team of monthly financial partners. This method inspires the involvement of others into our work in serving Mexico. We are excited to invite you to join with us and be a part of what God is doing here in Mexico!

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Giving a donation is giving into and towards God’s service and work in Mexico. By giving even just once, your donation is irreplaceable and so valuable. Your support helps to allow our ministry and vision to flourish in serving the needy in Mexico and sharing Christ with all. Thank you!

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-Monthly Support- Currently we are trusting the Lord to grow our monthly financial support base. This team of people give monthly towards our lives and work here in missions, at the amount of their choosing. We are praying to see this increase in the upcoming months as we have grown as a family and as we continue our work here.

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