Kendra & Jordan

Serving in Costa Rica & Elouisa Turns 1

Elouisa is 1! It’s so crazy to think that we’ve spent a whole year with Elouisa already. Parenthood has truly been such a fun and amazing adventure! Through all the typical challenges and ups and downs of taking care of a baby, the joy absolutely supersedes the trials. My (Jordan’s) work in Communications has been […]

Seeing The Growth Take Shape! [+New Video]

We’ve talked a lot about growth over the past few updates.  As we grow in numbers it’s exciting to see that growth take physical shape as well! In order to accommodate the current growth in student and missionary numbers, as well as growth to come, we’re increasing the size of our building from 3 floors […]

It’s That Time of Year Again… Carnaval Outreach!

If you’ve been reading our updates for a few years now, you’re probably familiar with our yearly Carnaval posts. It never gets any less exciting for us to be able to share about this time of year, and all God has done throughout Carnaval! For a little over a week, we as a ministry gather […]

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – A 10 Year Vision Coming Into Fruition

So in this update we wanted to take some time to share more about what I (Jordan) do at YWAM Mazatlan, and how God has brought long term vision to new places. Through our Media and Communications team I’ve been able to be a part of a movement on our base that has doubled the amount of missionaries […]

Baby Elouisa and More!

We’re excited to share lots of photos and stories from the last few months. It seems like forever since we’ve last written, but such is life with a newborn baby! Speaking of baby, Miss. Elouisa is happy and healthy. She currently weighs 11 pounds and is growing fast! We will be heading to Pennsylvania in November for my […]

YWAM Ships Mazatlan

An exciting new ministry is underway here in Mazatlan! Below is a photo of The Amazing Grace, the newest member of our YWAM Ships ministry. YWAM Ships Mazatlan exists to bring hope to the most isolated and least reached communities on the islands and coast lands of Mexico and the Pacific Rim. There are many places that we […]

12 Beautiful Young Ladies

Hi all, Kendra writing here! We’ve decided to focus this update on sharing a little more about my new role in ministry! As many of you may know, I have been serving at an adolescent girls home here in Mazatlan, about 10 minutes drive from our house. The home is dedicated to young girls coming out of […]

Baby on Board & Building a New Home!

It has been a rough but exciting past couple of months! We apologize for not being in better contact but between traveling, visitors and nasty pregnancy sickness, we have certainly had our hands full! I’m sure a few of you have heard by now… but incase you haven’t… We are expecting a little one this August! […]