Kendra & Jordan

From a dump in Guatemala…

One of the teams sent out from our base, currently serving in Guatemala, shares a heart-wrenching experience as they work to show Gods love by simply sorting through trash in a dump. Just 2 minutes long, but if you have the time to watch, it’s worth it. Please remember our team in your prayers as […]

Into our City!

As missionaries in a city, what are we doing for our city? This has been the thought running through the minds of many of our committed staff over the past few months.  Our training programs and Homes of Hope house building have been a real focus and success at our base, but the desire to […]

A Breath in Between

Things have finally quietened down for a season. It was such a blessing to have a very busy few months, but the break is certainly much appreciated! As we take a breather between seasons, we wanted to share a quick video (an oldie but goodie) about a Mexican who is serving with us right now […]

Summer of FIRE!

We’re currently in the middle of Summer of Fire, or as you’d say in spanish… Verano de Fuego! Verano de Fuego is similar to a month-long summer camp we run here once a year. For these first two weeks, we have 35 kids from the ages of 13-20 packed in and joining life with us […]

A Year Passes…

Can you believe we’ve been here for just over a year now? We want to share with you just a taste of all we’re doing in Mexico. Things are busy as always and we are diving deeper and deeper into what God has for us here. For us personally, Kendra has been totally revolutionizing the […]


We’ve been excited to share with you about what happened during Carnaval this year! If you’re not already familiar with Carnaval it’s a Mardi Gras celebration here in Mazatlan where as a base we focus on evangelizing to the city throughout the weeks late nights of partying. I was busy feeding and fueling our 200 […]

Back in Maz: God Always Provides!

What a blessing these last few months have been! We had such a wonderful time in Pennsylvania, spending time with family and working on fundraising for the next year in Mexico. From meeting with friends and family to Christmas celebrations, it was a busy but really incredible time. We were able to hold an event […]

New Home & Heading Home

JORDAN: Last week I was able to join in on another Homes of Hope build, taking photos and helping to build. We had a great group of two families from a church in Florida, including two builders who came down for the third time this year! It’s amazing to continue to see the transformation that […]