Kendra & Jordan

Seeing The Growth Take Shape! [+New Video]

We’ve talked a lot about growth over the past few updates.  As we grow in numbers it’s exciting to see that growth take physical shape as well! In order to accommodate the current growth in student and missionary numbers, as well as growth to come, we’re increasing the size of our building from 3 floors […]

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – A 10 Year Vision Coming Into Fruition

So in this update we wanted to take some time to share more about what I (Jordan) do at YWAM Mazatlan, and how God has brought long term vision to new places. Through our Media and Communications team I’ve been able to be a part of a movement on our base that has doubled the amount of missionaries […]

Soccer Salvations, and our Biggest DTS Ever!

Two weeks ago we had an incredible afternoon at the soccer club! About a year ago we presented a gospel message to about 10 of our kids and almost all of them responded, wanting to have a personal relationship with God. Over the past year we’ve continued to teach biblical values and have seen many of the kids […]

Thank you God for 2014!

A few exciting things God has done this past year throughout our ministry and lives. A HUGE thank you to our supporters and prayer warriors for your involvement and partnership in all of this! FEBRUARY – A very special Homes of Hope build with our family! MARCH – Mass spreading of Jesus’ truth and love on the packed streets […]

Soccer Club Ministry

Below we posted a few photos from the Soccer Club we just started up for local kids once a week. Right now we’re going on week 5, with roughly 10-12 kids each week. We’re hoping to have more and more kids join, but for now it’s been neat to be able to connect to the kids more personally […]

We just wanted to say…

…thank you for being a part of this! HOMES OF HOPE We’ve had the privilege of building a number of HOH houses this year; including building with our very own family! Another exciting development is a connection we’ve made with a large business in the USA, Defender Direct. The company is owned by a christian […]

VIDEO! Martin family house build

We love our family! Thanks so much for coming down and building for this family in need with us. Thanks also to everyone who contributed to the fundraising to make this happen. Check out the video below! You’re welcome to build also! Just gather a team, raise the money and come on down! Thanks for watching. Blessings and […]

Carnaval (Mardi Gras) 2014

Many of you probably already know, but as a base along with lots of visitors, we hit the streets to meet people, pray for them and share the message of God. We run many different ministries during this time. This year we had an amazing dance crew hit the streets, drawing a massive crowd. Afterwards, […]