Kendra & Jordan

We have been serving as full-time missionaries here in Mazatlan Mexico since 2012. We thank the Lord for his faithfulness over the past years!

Jordan serves full-time with YWAM Mazatlan, leading our communications department. His role involves using modern communication to share what God’s doing through our ministry and to invite others to be a part of it, ultimately growing and expanding our reach as a mission.

Kendra serves in our Soccer Club ministry at YWAM Mazatlan. She is also involved with a christian missionary organization called Back2Back here in the city, who have a focus in working with orphaned children. She serves at a local teenage girls home where her heart is to show these young ladies the love of Christ through building friendship and trust.

In just three days YWAM Mazatlan partners together with visiting teams to build a home for a family in need. Our vision is to not only build a home, but to also lay a foundation in the lives of these families for God to further build upon. We work together with the local church in these poor communities to connect those who’ve received a home with a group of believers within their village.

As a base we are passionate about training people to know God and make Him known. We run programs designed to bring personal transformation to peoples’  lives, preparing and equipping them to become missionaries; short term and long term.

Carnaval is Mazatlan’s annual celebration of Mardi Gras. It is said to be the third largest in the world as each year over 400,000 people fill the city ready to party.  Our Carnaval ministry is focused on all ages. Performing arts, skate and graffiti competitions, free coffee and hair cuts, are just a few ways we are able to connect with the people, opening the door to sharing the Gospel!

Our personal favorite, “Club de Fútbol” is a soccer ministry we run for the youth of our “colonia” or area of the city. Every week we get together with the kids, play games, do training drills, and teach the Bible in a practical way.

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